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The pain under the tongue I've never heard of, but the sore throat is very common. If these symptoms correspond to times when you know you've had acid reflux, then it seems reasonable that they are indeed part of it.

Also, since this is in the area of ear, nose, and throat, I think that the ENT is your best bet. Are you having any heartburn? If not, then what you are experiencing is probably what's called silent reflux or LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease ). The typical symptoms are:
•sensation of drainage down the back of the throat or excessive mucus
•feeling of something caught in the throat (sometimes a tickling or burning sensation)
•throat clearing
•chronic cough
•post-nasal drip
•sore throat
•difficulty swallowing
•prolonged vocal warm-up (for singers)
•loss of the high end of the vocal range

Good luck with your appt!

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