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Hi all,
I'm 20 years old and a smoker.
Around 4 months ago I started getting a feeling like my throat was closing up, sort of tightening, it lasted around 4 weeks, I went to see my GP in fear that it was something serious, I had blood tests done for my thyroid profile and they came back all fine, I'm a VERY anxious person and I suffer with bad anxiety, when the tests came back all fine the problem went away and I was again a happy chappy but around a week ago I started getting a sensation in my throat just above my Adam's apple on the right side, it feels like there is a pill stuck there and no matter how much I swallow it just doesn't seem to go away, I went to see a doctor and he had a feel of my throat and said that my glands were swollen but that's all he could feel, he has scheduled an ultrasound to be done on my throat, I'm still waiting for the appointment, it's really weird because the feeling is pretty much non existent in the mornings but comes into play as the afternoon kicks in and gets worse throughout he day then dissaperes again at night, I've got a feeling it's something to do with reflux because after I eat or drink I almost instantly release a long burp and sometimes taste sick in my mouth, it's so worrying and I'm finding it really hard to sleep at night because I'm scared it's something serious, please help! Everyone thinks I'm crazy :([CENTER][/CENTER]

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