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I've posted on here before in the last year. Started with mild heartburn and a little taste on my tongue. Was put on prilosec in the evening, didn't help (but was still taking the fish oil). Figured out the fish oil connection, stopped that, a couple days later acid shot up my mouth. Was put on Nexium, at night. Tried this a couple months, still had acid shooting up my mouth. Then saw a GI, told to take Nexium in the morning, 45 minutes before breakfast. Huge difference! Did scope, saw no damage, said I had GERD, continue with the purple pill. Can take Zantac at night, but not all the time as body gets used to it.

So, since the summer I have tried going back onto prilosec for smaller amounts as well as 2 in the morning, 2 at night as the same dosage as Nexium. Felt HORRIBLE doing it this way. Now, back on Nexium. My symptoms are burping, feeling nauseated now and then, bile creeping up now and then. If I eat too much I have pressure and a little heartburn. I've been taking zantac at night the last couple weeks.

I've stopped all probiotics, vitamins. The only other pill I take is claratin for allergies.

Why do I feel so bad? Sometimes I feel like the more medicine I start, the worse the acid is, and then I somehow wean down, and start them back up, etc....

I feel like I just want to stop all ppi's and see how I do!! The symptoms that started all this a year ago were SO MILD compared to what I have now.

I am continually changing out my diet, trying to figure this all out. Sigh....

My latest is that I have continual heart racing almost all day, has happened the last 5 days or so. Can't tell if it is the acid reflux or the PPI? Again, sigh....When I have symptoms it's all I think about, and then stress, which probably makes it worse.

Has anyone stopped ppi's and actually felt better????

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