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Not sure I saw this, so I thought I'd start a discussion. There is absolutely no question that Acid Reflux/GERD makes it much harder to exercise, but it obviously doesn't give anyone an excuse not to do so.

For me, If I'm doing some fast running and/or jumping, the chances are that whatever is in my stomach will come up and give me a very uncomfortable feeling (not necessarily pain [even though sometimes I can get that], but a very uncomfortable and undesirable feeling). I also stopped doing flat push ups, as the same thing can happen.

Obviously, the answer that doctors give you is to exercise on an empty stomach...That's all well and good, but the fact is that if you have significant GERD, you have to wait a very long time for your stomach to empty enough to where you can exercise without problems. The problem is that your body needs some kind of fuel - Eventually, you will need water and/or Gatorade to nourish your body, and unfortunately, that might be enough to trigger GERD symptoms the next time you start jumping/running/etc. If you don't take your water or gatorade, you will likely get dehydrated, feel nausea, weak, etc.

What I found works most consistently is just doing power walking (fast walking). Seems to be the best I can do without causing GERD symptoms. I can occasionally do short bursts of sprints, fast running, etc. but not really anything consistently. I will say that I feel great, and feel very accomplished when I can do these more extreme exercises. Also, as far as building up muscles, squats are usually Ok, as are elevated push-ups against a wall or top of a couch.

Like I said before, it sucks that I can't do the extreme things that I used to be able to do, but I think it's important that everyone at least does something.

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