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I've suffered a very long time with crippling symptoms from GERD. I've tried many things and relied on doctors for years without much luck. I've been on omeprazole and a whole variety of PPI's and H2 blockers for over a decade now and at some points I've found myself very desperate. If I stop taking omeprazole it normally takes about 6 hours from when I should have taken it to when I begin to feel the heartburn symptoms. Within a day it's unbearable!
I recently heard of two possible solutions one is apple cider vinegar (I know, it sounds counter-intuitive) and the other is called DGL liquorice (Deglycyrrhised Liquorice).
The theory with the cider vinegar is that we actually have less acid in our stomach, not more. It's not an increase in stomach acid that is causing the burn, it's the little bit of acid that we do have which is coming into contact with the oesophagus (because any amount of acid will burn the oesophagus). So when you take cider vinegar it gives your stomach the acid it needs to digest food and absorb all the nutrients (which being on PPI's prevents, hence why we have more digestive issues such as gastroenteritis, IBS, bloating, gas, general immune problems). The stomach realises there is acid now inside and it keeps the LES closed while it digests food.
So you take a tablespoon of cider vinegar in water with a teaspoon of honey 2 to 3 times a day between meals.
DGL liquorice is liquorice which has had the compound removed which causes water retention and high blood pressure. It comes in tablet form which must be chewed and mixed with the saliva before being swallowed. It's function is to soothe the affected area such as the burned oesophagus and also heal the damaged tissue. By doing so it should strengthen the LES and promote healing.
Many people have used a combination of these two and other natural remedies such as slippery elm, hydrochloric acid pills, digestive enzymes and aloe vera gel, to completely get off PPI's and heal their GERD.
I thought after over a decade of this being an ongoing problem that I was stuck with it for life, I may be but as of today I'm trying these two remedies in combination with each other.
I used the liquorice yesterday but when I bought it I had already taken my omeprazole for the day so I can't really comment.
I will update on how this goes, I'm assuming by stopping taking my omeprazole that I'm going to get a pretty heavy acid rebound effect for the next few days to a week but I'm hoping that the cider vinegar will keep my acid at the right levels and the liquorice will soothe and keep healing until there are no more symptoms.
I may have made a really silly move that won't get me anywhere, who knows, but I have to try. I understand that long term PPI use is pretty bad for you and to be honest I want off them so I'm willing to try the craziest of ideas. Though this makes more sense to me than pharmaceuticals because plants have been our medicine cabinet for thousands of years and pharmaceuticals have only been used for a few decades and I think I trust natures design more than I trust man's.

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