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When I started with symptoms a year ago my symptoms were SOOO mild, a little burning in stomach and a weird taste on my tongue. I have posted before that it started when I was taking fish oil supplements. I continued the supplements, not putting the symptoms together with the pills. Was taking prilosec 20 mg before dinner. Once I realized this, stopped the fish oil, pain went away, but now acid in my mouth, doctor prescribed Nexium, again at night, did this for 2 months, still had acid. Had scope, showed no damage, had GERD, here's the purple pill and a list of foods to avoid, try zantac at night.

I had a great summer last summer, got into fall and tried to get back to prilosec as it was cheaper and a way to wean off. Back to Nexium for 1 month in January, felt great, in February switched back to prilosec 80 mg/day. Had HORRIBLE symptoms with this way though. So, back to Nexium as it's supposed to be same as 80 mg of prilosec, back to paying my copay of $220/month. is not working now!! In the last 2 weeks I have been burping and bile/acid comes up. The down part of the inside of my throat is on fire. I'm taking honey/aloe. I have to say I have not stopped my 2 shots of espresso. But, I don't drink that on an empty stomach, it's after I've had breakfast. I keep pulling things from my diet that would make me burp: cucumber, bananas. I have no idea. I can feel the burp coming and then sometimes there's acid. Also, every now and then if I go to say something or laugh acid will shoot up.

I'm at wits end. :( I have been taking zantac at night. I have to say my nights are good. I sleep just fine with no interruptions. Very weird. I may try prevacid during the day, zantac at night. There's also zantac day and night. I even looked up Mylanta. ?????

Back to my question: I barely had symptoms to start all this, was given Nexium right away and it's supposed to be the best. I have nothing else to work up to for a better medicine!!! I see others on here on different drugs. I keep reading how Nexium doesn't work for all people. I just look back to when this all started and how mild those symptoms were and how awful I feel now. I'm afraid to eat and drink. Trying papaya enzymes, then not, trying probiotics, then not. I don't know the combo, but the burps keep coming, almost right after I take Nexium first thing in the morning.

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