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Gerd - go away
Jun 25, 2013
So I have been dealing with Gerd for over a year now. It seemed to come on fast while doing physical exercise. I have been to the emergency room several times feeling what I thought was Heart attack. This has happened several times. I have EKG's - all normal, a stress echo - came back negative ( good ).
My acid relux has caused me to be light headed and the Omeprazole that I was given in 20 and 40 mg doses seem to make the dizziness worse but help some with the reflux. The episodes seem to come and go as I try not to take the Omeprazole if I dont have to. I might go a couple weeks or month with out an issue, still watching what I eat then out of no where, I'll get horrible indigestion, burning in my chest, to the point where I can't even sleep because I can't lay down because I have to keep belching - horrible! In the past I haven't really had the issue of feeling the burning in my throat, now that's a new symptom, a sore throat, feeling like there's something stuck in my throat, nausea Just started getting pains in my shoulder blades, like a sharp pain at first, then a nagging pain that is kinda always there, but sometimes don't feel it to much. Oh and tingling in my hands just started recently, I injured my lower back about 8 weeks ago in th L4 area and have nerve pain and weekness in my left leg, not sure it the upper back pain is related to that or not. Been to chiropractor many times, physical therapy ( what a scam that is ) accupuncture - seemed to help with pain.

tingling hands and weakness in arms in connection with Gerd. Not sure about anyone out there, but I seem to have difficulty finging a dr that is really farmiiar on Gerd symptoms and how to help except throwing more drugs at it. Anyone else ever experienced Shoulder blade pains or tingling in the hands from Gerd?

Wish you all the best in resolving, I know how horrible this can make you feel.

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