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Hi all, new to the board and wanted to share my story with GERD. It's an ongoing process, but I truly believe I am on my way back.

I was presented in November of 2012 with gastritis and esophagitis. My doctor originally believed it was gallbladder but tests came back negative. She put me on Dexilant 60 mg per day. My primary symptoms were nausea and water brash. Over time I developed a terrible globus sensation so, I doubled my Dexilant. BAD IDEA.

My lump in my throat went away but when I went back to 60 MG per day I had terrible rebound acid. Thinking my problems were because Dexilant was not working (I had no idea of the rebound effect) my doctor switched me to Nexium.

Unfortunately my insurance wouldn't cover so I ended up back on Dexilant. By this time my symptoms were under control and I decided it was time to get off PPIs. I quit taking cold turkey, SECOND BAD IDEA.

The rebound was so bad I couldn't hardly function. The first couple of days were almost unbearable so I had to get back on medication, but I refuse to take Dexilant ever again.

I am currently using low does Prilosec and Zantac to wean myself off of and to rely on a healthy lifestyle to manage symptoms.

Has anyone else experienced unbearable rebound when trying to quit these products?

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