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Reflux questions
Jul 9, 2013
Hi all
Hope some of you can answer these questions

1) How can you test for low acid?
2)has anyone found anything natural that relieves heartburn/reflux?
3) Has anyone tried d-limonene(hope i spelled that correctly)
4) Does anyone get pain in the middle of your back (between shoulder blades)

I have been dealing with this now for almost 2 years,,,as some of you know i was on quite a few different PPIs and hten quit cold turkey last august,,,bad idea but they all made me feel horrible...i had ct scan of abdomen done,,several ekgs,,,bloodwork,,,nothing came back...doc said maybe gastritis after speaking to me for about 30 seconds,,,so over the last year after stopping ppis i took zantac and pepcid quite regularly,,then slowly slowed that down too,,,i took dgl and propolis and tried mastic gum,,as well as papaya enzymes....and of course tums...nothing really seems to help,,,it is better than it was before but not gone...i still have reflux on a daily basis,,,some days better than others..does not matter what i eat even though i only eat the "good" stuff....i do have anxiety but dont take anything for it and of course am stressed over my health as i am so sick of this,,,I have also been using those test strips to see what your acid levels are at and mine always are in the "neutral zone" between 6.2 and 7.2,,,so ia m not really sure what the heck is going on now.....

I really hope that someone can help me shed some light on this and maybe give me some new ideas to try...anything would be greatly appreciated

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