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Teen Acid Reflux?
Jul 21, 2013
Hello 16 M, 140 Pounds (underweight), 5'10.

Hello, starting last week I had a pain in my left breast bone and my left arm (after I ate a greasy meal - lasted for hours). It went away but then I believe I had some sort of aniexty attack and was always trying to catch my breath (would think about it). This lasted 2 days and now I was back to normal. Then, the left arm pain started up again. for 2-3 days I had left arm pains - and occasional right arm pain. The 3rd night I felt a stomach rumble and gas type thing and then I started getting heart burn like feeling (minty cold feeling) all throughout my stomach, chest, throat , and it would radiate down my right arm. I went to to the family doctor - they listened to heart with the scope, took blood pressure and all, and said they believe it is acid reflux - Heart problem's are our of the question - and to take Zantac for 3 weeks and come back. Well im on day 2 of Zantac - and my burning seems to have gone away (somewhat) but now i'm back on the arm pains, with occasional chill type thing in stomach/arms. it is usually left, sometimes right, sometimes back, sometimes fingers. It starts up in the morning after I wake up - which believes to think that its my mind (gets bad when I think about it). Does this sound like typical Acid Reflux or should I do something? Also - I have nausea and when I eat it seems to get worse.

Edit - I also do burp a fair amount - and have lump in throat

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