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Hi all

A bit of a health background about me:

25, male, tall and scrawny. Like to drink on Friday nights where I also chain smoke but I don't touch the stuff during the week. Up to my problems I was going to the gym 4 times a week to bulk up.

The problem:

It began towards the end of last September where I noticed a tickling sensation at the back of my throat. I just had a bad cough so I assumed I was still suffering form that. By October when it showed no signs of clearing up, I rang the doctors. They had a GP ring me back who told me to "take an inhaler" (I'm not even lying).

I did this trusting his profession and obviously it didn't help!

By the time they'd actually let me see a doctor it was November. This was when i was told I could be suffering from a bit of acid refluxing up my gullet. No big deal, just take one 20mg Ilaprazole a day and come back after Christmas.

During Christmas, I woke up one morning with the taste of acid (or bile, I don't know the difference) in my mouth, which I put down to over eating. However, this went on every day so I went back to the doctors, he put me on 40mg of Omeprazole and scheduled a blood test, which I had in February.

For the record, the whole time this was happening that tickling sensation in my throat did not subside.

The blood test came back negative so he finally scheduled an upper endoscopy. This was where the brilliance that is the NHS kicked in- it took over three months to get my treatment because they cancelled twice (the second time the hospital rang me up to ask where I was and I told them they'd written to me saying it had to be rescheduled, madness),

I finally got the procedure in late May. They took a H. pylori biopsy which eventually came back negative. On the day they confirmed that my stomach showed signs of mild gastritis which they said would account for the reflux. The nurses were lovely but I got not proper sit down with a consultant. When I asked where do I got from here, they said the usual- change of lifestyle. Fine, I thought. I was about to move down to London to start a dream job and finally live near my girlfriend. I figured I'd start the changes then.

I moved down in early July. The day after I moved down, my throat started to burn alongside the usual tickling. This has been persistent ever since and frankly it's ruining my life and giving me constant anxiety. I'm spending a fortune on throat lozenges because the PPIs don't same to be helping it.

I haven't been able to just go and see a doctor as I'm waiting to register at a new surgery. I had to find somewhere to live first which took two weeks (lived with my girlfriend in the meanwhile) and now that I have, I'm waiting to register with a surgery near me. Tomorrow I have my "induction" with a nurse, but it could still be 2-3 weeks before I can see the GP as I have to wait to hear back about my registration.

I'm still waking up in the morning with acid/bile. I'm convinced I have GERD which may have never been diagnosed during my endoscopy but my throat wasn't as bad then as it is now.

For the record, I did completely change my diet, I didn't go out drinking for over a month, in that time I had one cigarette, I cut out most of the coffee from my life. Nothing is helping and I feel powerless and trapped.

I just want to cry. I worked so hard to get this job and I just want to enjoy it with my girlfriend whilst we plan our future. Yet all day I spent anxious, aware of the burning in my throat.

Yesterday afternoon I started reading about Barrets disease and how it can lead to cancer and I just retreated into a corner of my bedroom feeling terrible. I feel the NHS has not done enough to support me here. I ended up calling my sister, my dad and my mother yesterday- who are so supportive- for reassurance but yet here I am.

My dad told me he'd help pay to go to a private doctor if I want immediate attention but I have no idea how much it costs or how to go about it. He hasn't got a lot of money as he's retired but I'm getting so desperate.

I appreciate that some people on these boards have had these problems for years and years. I honestly can't see a future past this. I gotta be careful typing this at work- I just want to go to the bathroom and cry! (which is pathetic for a young guy who should be in his prime, I know).

Thank you for reading this and I appreciate any advice or suggestions.

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