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I am 23 Years Old/male athletically built

When I was 13 I had heartburn/acid reflex when I would swim in the pool with much chlorine. All problems would always be solved with Alka Seltzer.

Once In a while when I had bad heartburn my dad would give me his prescription of Nexium (40mg) I would take it for a few days then stop. I would take maybe 1 Nexium pill once a month.

Then this all started in March of this year 2013
I had a horrible stomach virus/bug where my stomach felt like it was on fire (never had that before) I ate a Greek salad before all this started at a restaurant and I had tremendous amount of gasses, upper abdominal pain (inflated type of pain) for about a few days. Diarrhea and fever. All this went away after a few days and I got heartburn. I called up my friendís dad who happened to be a GI and he told me to take nexium for 2 weeks. Ever since that I felt good. When I stopped taking it, I felt horrible. My stomach burn would come back worse than ever but never had any problem with my esophagus being burnt up. I continued taking Nexium until it ended (40mg) then I switch to Dexilant, and then went back on Nexium. Tried quitting again, No luck... The burns were horrible I couldnít take the pain. I was almost screaming felt like a sharp knife went down my throat. After endoscopy I had much Bile and doctor told me maybe it was H-pylori. I checked my (stool, Blood, 5 Biopsies) Found NOTHING!! Told me I am completely healthy and need to continue taking the Dexilant and change my habits.

My diets are alright. I never drink, smoke, and eat anything acidic. I have a bad habit going to be late 4-5AM at times and waking up around 12PM.

I lost weight, Changed diet, even ordered "Siberian Pine Nut Oil" Which supposedly heals heartburn. I felt better when I was drinking the oil and switched back to Nexium. Doc told me to maybe double medication!! Or Swallow a capsule to monitor my acid levels which I didnít do any of them!!

My heartburn went away/Symptom Free for about a month and a half. Then all of a sudden (while still on the oil and nexium) it came back. I feel it now typing this. I donít understand why all of a sudden the flare is back.

The only thing changed is my sleeping habits and I am on the same diet. I eat regular stuff, (chicken, rice, salad) Nothing too crazy! (No soda, pizza, nothing like that)

I donít know what it is. I am losing hope. I am going to Italy in 2 weeks and I donít know how I will feel on the trip.

I am thinking of a few things here. Either

A) Get another DOCS opinion
B) Get off nexium?
C) Swallow capsule check my acid levels

What should I do?

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