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My body weight is normal, am only 35, and having gerd symptoms. I have read about Gerd and LRP etc. Previously had acidity but under control, few weeks back was getting out of control, ate bad food, and wondering if I have caused some problem?

RIght now I am on a very strict diet and limiting acidic foods, even logging my foods to help identify my food.

However, I have noticed I will eat some lentils for example or even vegatables and then all of a sudden I burp and then have reflux it might happen once but I am suprised. I have noticed that if I drink water then I get it after even 2 hrs of dinner. I eat around 5 so I give my self time to digest.

Question: I am taking prevacid 15 MG, and have zero heartburn, previously I use to get heart burn but when I take prevacid then I get no heartburn. However I get a random reflux and then it leads me to cough and get that feeling in my throat as if something is stuck.

I am eating every 2 hrs, eating the right foods, just cannot figure out what could be causing the GERD? It no severe but still I want to get it in control before it gets complicated.

I heard about LPR, I am hoping that if I eat right then can it correct it self, right now I am eating perfectly and all the right foods, so even though it happens once in a day I am worried since I feel, I feel the lump in throat after it happens.... help!

NOTE: It got worse all of a sudden, before heartburn but never reflux, how it happens when I eat even a light meal Right now what I have done is eat nuts, fruit Apple and pear, and drink vegatable juice with pulp (no acidic fruits or juices) and then one light meal and I still get this reflux.

I am really worried about it getting worse so want to deal with it and find a solution. It is almost in control, but only when on a strict diet. So that tells me something is wrong it seems.

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