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Aug 20, 2013
Hello and I wish everyone is well today. I have been experiencing lots of pain in my upper abdomen, with vomiting, nausea. I mostly spit up acid. I had a sonogram and its not the gallbladder, even though the ER doctor says my white cells were elevated, before the gallbladder test. Today I am miserable again and I do see my regular doctor tomorrow morning and I plan on asking for the Endoscope, but with no insurance I am not sure if they will do the scan. I get my medicare Sept 1st, which I am trying to hold out, but finding everyday more miserable. I do take pain medicine and this doesn't help my stomach. I am on strong narcotic, because of back pain, scar tissues, bone spurs and arthritis. I take stomach medicine everyday and it doesn't work. Starts with an "O". I feel like going back to the ER, but a different hospital to see if they can run test, like cat scan? Do you think a cat scan will show anything? Thank you.

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