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Hi all: first post thanks in advance for your patience....
I have had GERD for over 15 years, usually controlled by medication and careful eating...that said I have had flareups that often last for several months off and on till things calm down. I take prevacid, 30 mg twice daily, have added two zantac and randomly add other meds. like Mylanta or Gaviscon to relieve breakthrough pain. I get some traditional heartburn but by far the general feeling for me is pain in the chest and just below breast bone in the center to the point I cannot have any pressure their (like a bra). This time I feel full and bloated and gassy with no nausea which is a new way to feel. I am terrified that maybe this time it is ovarian cancer since bloating is a tell tale sign. Endoscopy last week showed all is well, no erosions or ulcers, etc. but I do have a hiatal hernia so maybe that is part of this? I think stress over the whole thing just exacerbates the problem but I will have a good day then a bad...etc...sometime I can only eat one bite and the gassy uncomfortable feeling starts...HELP...anyone have this with GERD? any suggestions? I am at wits end. I see my ob/gyn in Sept. so will (hopefully) rule out ovarian cancer....fingers crossed....thanks for any suggestions.

Two yrs ago I had H.Pylori and a bleeding Ulcer. H.P treatment cleared it up.
I still get flare-ups and have one just now.
Knawing pain between ribs and naval, nausea and bloating. Dr said to go back on Nexium but I decided to try something natural instead. For the past two day's I have been taking 1 tsp x twice per day of "Manuka Honey.
This is day two and my pain has subsided 75% also the other symptoms.
I will continue with the M.H. and will update in a week or so. I have read that it is good for Digestive/Stomach problems.


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