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[QUOTE=Stretch1one;5217380]Yes I agree mastic gum is very helpful along with ginger root exact but I believe the Manuka honey is the key with double probiotic the only thing my doctor agreed would help was the double probiotic of course also DGL will help with food if you are high in this bacteria I recently had a stint with H pylori also and was able to get rid of it
But although my levels were lower with all this i still took the triple action dose to totally elimate it but I have yet to get it back
What are your symtoms Soli?? I was also to,d raw unfiltered ACV but that just flared things up for me and having Barrett's esophagus I didn't want to mess around with

Good luck[/QUOTE]

Symptoms are...

Gnawing pain between ribs and naval, burping, noisy stomach and gas and nausea at times,regurgitation of food.
I am going to get a stool test to see if it's H.P again but am reluctant to go down the Antibiotic route again as I have never had so many stomach issues as I did after the last treatment.
Also from what I read the Antibiotic treatment is no guarantee either.
As I have had four Endoscopy's my Dr is reluctant to do any more especially at my age, so I will stay with the Manuka Honey and try the Mastic Gum and see how things go.

Can I ask what were your symptoms with H.P as it seems there are many.
Thanks very much,


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