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[QUOTE=Terlin;5221963]Does it feel like something pushing up into your diaphram when breathing and did your breathing get a little better after you quit smoking? I feel like I can't take a deep breath because it feels like my hernia is pushing up into my lungs, and my bloating only seems to be better in the mornings untill I eat which now it don't take much, i think I'm swallowing air. My docs deny that a hiatus and gerd cause my bloating and shortness of breath I'm really so fed up with these guys don't know what else to do it totaly ruined my life. I wake in the middle of the night whith a dry parched mouth and throat and my heart pounding I feel in my ears and vapors pushing up my throat and what feels like my nose and ears. Did you find anything that helps?[/QUOTE]

Trust me I know how you feel. I think with exception to your ear issue we have the same symptoms. I would wake up in the middle of the night with a pounding heart and difficulty breathing. I actually just went to the hospital a couple of weeks ago.

I think the best way to describe my issue is a pressure I feel right in the middle where my ribcage ends. When it gets really bad, I'm so out of breath I can barely talk. I've been told that this issue is caused by excess bloating, your stomach apparently pushes on all your other organs nearby.

So far not much has really helped, but i will keep you posted on the situation. I've been eating oatmeal and soup for the last week as I feel I can barely swallow anything else. Going to see the GI on the 20th. I think quitting smoking has helped the breathing issue a little though, I don't wake up with the heart palpitations anymore and I find it easier to sleep at night.

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