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Hi. So I'm pretty sure I have GERD and have had it for a year and a half, which may sound weird because I just turned 20. However, I do not have any heartburn. But definitely have indigestion, regurgitation, and feel like I have excess gas in my chest/stomach. It get's really bad with heavy anxiety/stress which is what actually began my phase when my anxiety was awful and I'd have panic attacks daily for several weeks. Still deal with anxiety and stress, but can control it much better now. Indigestion is still a problem. Ironically, it get's better with alcohol--must show the mental aspect of it. I get weird itchy red "rashes" but not raised or bumpy, just red, under my rib cages. These red spots appear with worsening indigestion. They will be bothersome for a few minutes then can disappear just like that and all that is seen is a little bump. Happens under both rib cages but worse with my left side. I don't really ever get chest pain with my indigestion, but sometimes I get it in my left rib cage from what I believe to be excess gas. It's so weird though but I know it's tied to my indigestion. Maybe it's stress too? It's weird that it's in the same place though. I hate this :/ can someone tell me what the hell is wrong with me? thanks.

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