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About Me:
23 y/0
135 LB (down from 157 Since February of this year 2013)

I used to have occasional heartburn which was always taken care of with Alka Seltzer. On a more serious note I would take my dadís Nexium 40 mg once for 1 day and I was good for the next 2 months. I am a very active person used to work out regularly. I pinched my nerve 2 year ago and suffered for about a year with nerve pains coming from my spine. Doctors could never figure out what it was, it was one of those things that just went away on its own. This past February is when everything happened:

I developed pain again in my left hand and couldnít feel my fingers. I went to the Neurologist and he prescribed me Naproxen. I took it once when I left him and ate a Greek salad at a cafe right after. That evening I had terrible gas which then developed into Nausea and I had burning in my stomach (sour stomach?) I never had this feeling in my life.

I came home and went to bed. All night I couldnít sleep, I had persisting pain in my upper Abdominal. I actually felt as if it was inflamed. I woke up with a high fever and severe dihreah that lasted 3 days. No matter what I ate, or drank, was followed by an instant run to the bathroom. Right after I began having heartburn, where I felt acid going up my esophagus. I took tums which didnít seem to help and I switched to Nexium 40MG at the advice of a GI Friend. In the next 2-3 months I had bloating, gas, and IBS, I tried quitting the PPI's 3 times with no luck and burning kept coming back and back I went on the PPI.

One day in June I completely stopped taking the Nexium because I had direah. They checked my stool for H-Pylori NOTHING. They did a small blood test for some Celiac and all.. (NOTHING) Finally after 4 days without Nexium. The burning was HORRIBLE. I got Pepcid for it, ranitidine, tums and nothing worked. I had pains and finally after going to another GI he scheduled me for an endoscopy. Found Small Hiatal Hernia, Mild Gastropathy, and Duodonitis was full of bile. He took about 6 biopsies and said that it could be from H-Pylori infection (90%). All tests came back negative. He put me on Dexilant 60MG once a day for 3 months and behavior modification. I felt horrible this whole time, I did the best I could and the pills helped me but felt like I had fumes coming out of my mouth for about a month. Then I had sour taste in my mouth, and I switched over to Nexium 40 MG a day in the morning and felt better. After 1.5 month of this I was symptom free and then all of a sudden I started having the Symptoms again even with being on Nexium and all. I went to a natural doc and he gave me some herbs. I took them and stopped Nexium for 10 days. I felt better. After 10 days the herbs ended and I again I had terrible burning, so I had to go back on Nexium. I felt better after about a week. But I lost weight and I do not feel 100%

I went to my regular Doctor and he took full blood work from me and stool test for parasites. He said he thinks that there is something inside me that is causing all this.

My stools are loose these days, and I again started taking Nexium today. I donít think it kicked back in yet since my darn throat burns again when I am writing this. But I am tired of this feeling

I feel like Nexium is causing all this. And I want the correct way to wean off or figure out what the hell it is that is causing all these problems.

I just bought:

1) Coconut Oil
2) DGL Licorice
3) Mastic Gum
4) Aloe Vera Juice
4) Apple Cider Vinegar

I want to know how I should incorporate all this and if I should wean myself off these PPI's

What to do, I cannot go like this any longer :-(

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