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Absolutely! Over the past several years, on at least six occasions, I have had severe enough chest pain to end up in a local ER . . . . and several times have been admitted overnight in order to rule out an MI (however, EKGs, cardiac enzyme tests, and nuclear stress tests have always been normal). So, I am pretty sure it is not my heart . . . . but it is very hard to differentiate between acid reflux (or silent reflux) and an acute asthma attack, or a heart attack. Basically, both reflux and asthma can easily present with cardiac symptoms, and the hospitals need to protect themselves from lawsuits. My husband just received his latest issue of his Johns Hopkins Public Health magazine today, and the cover article is "Asthma's Inner World: Researchers Follow the Disease's Roots Not to the Lungs, But to the Gut" Basically, you need certain types of bacteria in the gut in order to stay healthy, and avoid reflux. The lack of certain good bacteria, or the existence of certain bad bacteria, may actually lead to asthma, reflux and/or other problems. Anyway, studies with mice have definitely shown a connection between gut and lung problems. In my personal experience, I think this applies to us humans as well!! Researchers may find that reducing stomach acid with PPIs can reduce reflux, but less acid flowing through the intestines may be causing other problems!

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