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I will try and keep this short.
For a few months now I have had reflux on and off. Dr had me on Somac 40mg a day.As it got worse increased it to twice a day. Then i started having horrible nightmares so we stopped it (apparently it is a side effect), Went ok for a week, and then reflux came back with a punch! Bad chest pain, burning, feel food being swallowed, my anxiety kicked in at this point so I'm thinking heart attack! Talked myself down and went back to dr. Who changed me to Nexium 40mg once a day. Been taking that for 5 days now. It is a little better, it hasn't gone yet. Saw dr. again yesterday and she says it can take several days for it to have full effect. Also yesterday I had sharp stomach pains left side of stomach. Have had diverticulitis in the past, so she gave me augmentin to take over the weekend but only if it worsens. It seems to have gone today. So i wont take it. Wondering if pain was from reflux? Gas? I have had diarrhoea for over a week and have hardly eaten anything since last weekend (6/7 days). My stomach is making very loud frequent gurgling sounds. I have an appointment with a gastroenterologist in early Nov to discuss if i need an endoscopy.
My questions after all that are:
Does nexium take a while to work effectively?
Will this pain eventually go away?
Can GERD and/or nexium cause shortness of breath?
Does it take a while (how long) for the inflammation the reflux has caused to heal?
If i have no crushing pain, pain in arm, shoulder or neck racing heart is ok?
Could it be an ulcer? or something else?
I know my anxiety is a problem and I can talk myself into a heart attack (thinking i'm having one). I had an ECG in July was normal, had a heart echocardiogram then too and it was normal apart from a valve issue which is separate and not a problem.
I didn't manage to keep it short!

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