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Hello again! I've just run a search on the site but didn't seem to pull up many results regarding the "smartpill" stomach ph/ motility test. I've been running the gauntlet of gastric diagnostic tests and when I mentioned to my doctor that I can burp up the taste of my food for up to 6 hours after eating and have chronic nausea they suggested I do the smartpill test for motility. Has anyone else had this test and can tell me about what the results of their test were?

I swallowed the pill this morning (it was HUGE!) after eating the hugest and grossest protein bar ever and they gave me a receiver pack to wear around similar to the one I wore with the BRAVO, but I don't need to record anything myself with this one. The display screen is supposedly showing the PH of my stomach and this morning for a few hours after eating the protein bar it fluctuated from .9 to 2. After that though it jumped to a 7, and has gone as high as 8. It's staying above 6, even though I just ate. I don't know a lot about stomach PH, so I was wondering if anyone had any insight into these numbers. Thanks!

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