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I was on this board for about a year, suffered a severe bout of acid reflux, ended up in the hospital twice. Sick from it, heart palpitations, very scary, didn't understand reflux could do that. Was on PPI's for more than a year, thought this will never go away. I did everything I was told , watched my diet, I was never overweight, cut out coffee, alcohol. Didn't seem like anything worked to fix it. PPI's had side effects, I was light headed whenever I stood up, couldn't eat hardly any sugar or I itched like mad. Not fun, I posted a bit on this BB about it all.

What didn't work for me at all, the homeopathic remedies, like cider vinegar, probiotics ( I think they made it worse while I was on them), DGL pills, aloe vera juice etc.. Tried them all.

Sticking to the diets , don't over eat, large meals are a killer, patience and taking PPI's over time finally seemed to heal things up. I feel very lucky , it's been six months and I'm still fine. I do take Pepcid twice a day but have done that for 16 yrs. It works for me. After being on Losec for the year I had no rebound when I went off.

My reflux started immediately after sinus surgery, I was intubated for that. Wonder if some damage may have been done and it needed to heal. Will never know for sure. So maybe mine was different.

Regardless, take heart, reflux can go away, be patience, watch your diet, find the PPI's that work for you and have the least side effects ( I tried a half dozen different ones). Don't let your nerves get to you, being upset just makes it worse. Remember those that heal up rarely come back to these BB's to say they are better, that's why there are so few success stories.

Stay positive, focus on what you can control, hopefully like me one day it just starts to get better and then voila it is gone. I have empathy for anyone going thru it, good luck !!

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