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LPR Help
Nov 21, 2013
I am at my wit's end and asking for any advice/help. My daughter is 8 years old and is having symptoms very similar to LPR. I will try to make the story as short as I can.
For about a year and a half she has constant phlegm in her throat. You can hear it rattling throughout the day. I make her cough it up. The color is anywhere from yellow to white to even tan sometimes it is thick sometimes thin. She often gets an itchy throat. She clears her throat a lot. Her regular Dr. keeps telling me it is allergies. (we moved from PA to VA about 2 years ago and these symptoms started shortly after we moved). I have tried every allergy medicine with no change. They have her on flonase which does clear out nasal congestion and helps somewhat with the itchy throat. She does nasal irrigation daily. I decided to take her to an ENT doctor. Of course right before we go, she gets a cold so her nose is congested. The dr put her on an antibiotic, which did nothing to get rid of the phlegm. I mentioned LPR and silent reflux and she seemed to not think that was it. Went back to ENT after the antibiotic failed. She did an endoscopy but only to look at her andoieds which she insisted would be swollen-but they were normal. Ordered chest xrays which came back fine. Finally she put her on a PPI once a day just to see. It has had a bit of help but not much. Now she wants to do a ct scan of the sinuses. Our deductable is high so don't want to do that unless it is necessary. Any advice/insight from anyone as to what I can do? Any natural treatments? I give her enzymes with every meal. Also DGL twice a day, probiotics, vitamin d drops. The phelgm is really causing problems. Her teachers at school are noticing and it make her uncomfortable. Any help or advice is so appreciated. Thanks
Re: LPR Help
Nov 21, 2013
Thank you so much for your response. I have been trying to keep track of what she is eating and how it effects her. Her phlegm is pretty thick each and every day. Just when I think its one food and take it away then the phlegm gets worse! So frustrating.
Thanks for the hot drink tip. I will try that with her and see if that helps her bring up the phelgm!
Re: LPR Help
Dec 7, 2013
The various phlegm colors do have some significance, although they should not be used as a complete diagnosis. White and gray can mean acid reflux issues, but it can also be bronchitis, asthma, or allergies. Light-yellow/tan phlegm can be a sign of viral infection in the upper respiratory tract. Like from sinus infections, asthma or allergies. That could be why the antibiotic didn't help. While it does sound more respiratory than digestive, it's a shame they didn't look further during the endoscopy. That was the perfect opportunity to find evidence of acid reflux or other digestive issues.

But if she didn't have this issue in the old house, that is certainly worth investigating further on your own while you rule out the other possibilities with tests.

I doubt the weather differences between the two locations are a factor. I suspect the cause lies elsewhere.

What's different about the new house that wasn't in the old one? Heating system, air conditioning, new carpets (formaldehyde), more wall to wall carpets and less throw rugs, insulation type and age. Could there be hidden mold? Did the previous owners have pets? Anyone else in the family notice any minor health issues? You really need to put on your Sherlock Homes cap for this challenge, as not all these allergies can be easily tested for. Do you have nearby relative where she can live for a week or two as a test for something in your house being the problem? If the phlegm goes away while she's there, then you have to start digging to find the exact source in your home.

Or it could also be just a coincidence that it began with the move, so don't leave out food allergies. Lactose is a very common one that brings on those systems as well as loose stools.

Good luck with your search. Two years is along time to suffer with that.

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