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Acid reflux
Jan 14, 2014
Hi everyone, ( sorry if it's a long post ) :)
In November my throat felt like it was full of liquid i couldn't swallow proper and at times it felt like it was closing up, after spending 3 hours like this i went to a&e, they told me i had nothing in my throat and it was a panic attack as my pulse rate was sky high ( I think i got myself worked up).
The next day i went to see my gp who also said it would probably be panic attacks and if i calmed down it would go away, after 3 days i couldn't take anymore so went back to the gp, i told him i wanted something for my throat and he decided to put me on anti depressants for panic attacks. I spent 3 days in bed feeling ill and still the feeling of stuff in my throat, i stopped taking the antidepressants and went back.
The doctor then mentioned acid reflux and put me on omeprazole. I had a horrible Christmas and new year barley being able to swallow anything and not having any chocolate or goodies, it seemed to ease of a bit but i was constantly burping which wasn't nice as they seemed to stop in my throat. So i went back to my gp again and he changed the medication to lansoprazole, i have changed my diet now i don't have alcohol, coffee, cheese, fatty or spicey food, i have been on the lansoprazole for 2 weeks now, today is the first proper meal i have been able to eat in a couple of months, so things are getting a lot better but it still hasn't cleared. I am sat here now with a bit of heart burn but i couldn't sleep so got up and i made a cup of tea, so i'm wondering if the tea as set it off. I don't mind the heart burn too much but can't stand the feeling in my throat. I don't know if to go back and see my gp again or to wait and see if things carry on improving. I'm worried about my weight too as i'm just boarder line being under weight. It as been a nightmare. I would appreciate any input or ideas to help, thanks in advance

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