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Dear Hayley,

I appreciate your response. I took yesterday the 2- 20mg prilosecs at 5pm. I woke up feeling OKish. I have not taken anything yet. I am going to take the 2 prilosecs every 12 hours now, to see how I react. I went to Zumba in the morning, I chew gum while I am dancing, just to help my throat keep moist. Here are some tips : Some peolpe told me NOT to drink liquids while I eat, also I started taking 1 TBS of organic apple cider vinegar with a little bit of water after meals and when I feel the acid. I did it this morning and I am feeling OKish. I also read that stress can cause reflux. Yesterday I was very stressed out, just thinking about the acid in my throat, I did not RELAXED... I wonder if it makes my reflux worse .
I read that Magnesium is depleted when we sweat, and when we are stressed . I sweat a lot, and stress a lot. I am going to try the magnesiun citrate. That is what I am doing now...Also I heard to take 5 big breaths before a meal.

I am starting to agree with you that maybe we are taking too many, "natural" acid blockers. I am starting to think that we need to let go those tums, and OTC antiacids. Anybody has some "tips" to share? Yesterday my tongue was really sore(today it is a bit less) Maybe eating too many lozangers? Only God knows. I am going to try to drink more water, and the ACV.

All of you are in my prayers. Let's keep up the faith.
I hope all are doing better. TOGETHER IN THIS JOURNEY!

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