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I have read almost all other posts about peoples experiences with 'acid rebound' from PPI's. I have stopped taking Nexium many times over the past 2 years, only lasting approx 6 weeks each time. In May I managed to stop for 8 weeks with the help of Gaviscon dual action liquid. And recently I tried to stop again, I have been off Nexium 40mg for 3 months, only using Gaviscon dual action liquid, which I have been drinking daily. Last week I decided that I might need a little more help, and have started taking Ranitidine 300mg once per day. I have some relief, but still have burning in my stomach, occasionly in my chest. I also get intermitent sharp chest pains located on the left side near my breast. My GP seems to think this is related to GERD, causing an esophygal spasms. I am not so sure, the pain can be so bad and last for so long that I think I am having a heart attack. I have been to the emergency room many times, every time my ECG is normal. I also experience a weird burning sensation in my left shoulder blade and left arm at times, I can not work out if these happen when my stomach is burning or not.

I was first put on Nexium in February 2012, I took it for approx 2 months, and when I stopped I had this insane daily burning in my stomach which I had never experienced before, nor had I ever experienced any form of acid reflux or indigestion.

I have tried many things to ease my pain. Nothing seems to be working. Can anyone please tell me of your experience with this, and how long it took your stomach to return to normal. How long does it take for Ranitidine to clear the burning and chest pains?

I am feeling so depressed that I have been battling these short sharp chest pains for almost 2 years now, and have been unable to stop the burning in my stomach :(
Hello Kacyc, I have been reading the conversation and it is very interesting... I am not sure of what I am suffering from yet as I have been to different A/E trying to get answers, did x-rays, ECG, and Blood test all came back normal.... What I have notice is that when I eat and swallow my food does not go down easily and kinda losing weight also at night when I bring mucus/spit out of my mouth I bring out a bit of blood, I do experience from my chest, Breast, side of breast, back, left shoulder sometimes or right shoulder.. I am soo worried, alway looking for answers since this only stared about less than a month ago, I am very confused.

It only started as stuff feel stuck in my throat and with chest pain, went to A/E did the test said all was normal and they gave me omeprazole to use 40mg but realise since I have been on omeprazole 40mg, I have been experiencing all sort of pain... I stop it for awhile but felt the intensity of the thing stuck in my throat wen I eat, (a friend told me to take it vearly before I eat, an hour or soo later eat, that I would feel a bit ok) I tried it this morning n had to go back on omeprazole which I started back today on 20mg which kind of help but feeling lighter pain.... I am sooo tired

I am worried cos I am loosing weight and being only a size10 if I would anymore

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