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Hi Shessy, I've been having chest pain and tightness too. Most of my pain is under my left breast. Sometimes moderate sometimes sharp and stabbing but it only lasts a few seconds. I get it once or twice a week. When it is sharp and stabbing, the next day my whole chest and left breast is very tender to the touch. I read your earlier thread about the mold. My daughter had to move out if her house due to mold and it caused her chest pains. Did you have that checked out? You sound like me with medicines and tests. I hate taking medicine. My fam doc diagnosed me with reflux and put me on omeprazole (sp) and I only took it 10 days and stopped. It wasn't helping and causing other pains. I am also terrified of tests due to what they may doc put me on klonopin for my anxiety about a week ago. I wasn't happy about taking it but decided its either the meds or the nut ward! It's funny because since I've been taking it I have not had any of the stabbing pains under my left breast. It is a muscle relaxer so that might have something to do with it, or maybe my anxiety level has dropped and that's why no pain. Who knows. I've been reading this board and other boards and haven't found anyone with my same reflux symptoms, so of course I think I have something deadly. One of these days I'll be a big girl and just go to the dic and get tests done and not be freaking out. I think the docs I've gone to all have "psycho" stamped all over my chart! Im sure you will get straightened out. It might just take some time. You are young. Take lots of deep breaths and just enjoy your little girl. They grow up so fast.

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