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I'm 26 y.o. male and for the past year or more I've had occasional bouts of these kinds of symptoms:
-waves of nausea
-weakness and slight trembling in limbs
-faster heartbeat and able to feel/hear it all over head and chest
-sometimes weird sharp pain inside torso (seemingly at random at different times, like sometimes on front side under rib cage either on one side or both)
-also sometimes when lying down it feels like something in there is tickling or wiggling around, mostly dependent on gravity i.e. if lying on my right side I'll feel it along my right side abdomen area (feels like a freaking alien writhing around in there!!)
-used to be tightness in chest around the sternum but not so much anymore
-mild burning in chest but never felt it very much (or maybe I don't know what it's supposed to feel like)

This mostly happens at night, have been woken up and unable to sleep from it many times. I've been to the dr a handful of times lately and all I get is "we see nothing wrong", all blood work and H. pylori came back OK. I went on Tecta for a month and thing seemed relatively OK, then after that ran out symptoms came back for a week, then went away again.

For the past 1-2 months things have seemed OK, no flare-ups at night, just sometimes mild symptoms after overeating.

But I'm here now because I just had a bad attack a couple hours ago (it's 4AM now). I woke up from a bad headache, my neck and head had been sore all day. I took 1000mg acetaminophen at 2AM, and about 2:45AM I got a harsh wave through my body that started the weakness and trembling in limbs, and nausea. It felt like I might be having a heart attack, but I don't know how to distinguish that from GERD symptoms, so I took a couple Tums and waited it out due to previous experience of this (felt no chest symptoms) with phone at the ready to call 911 incase I felt like I might die.

As you might glean I start overthinking/worrying so that probably just exacerbates things. I literally start worrying I'm going to wait too long and die before I can get help, but also don't want to jump the gun and call an ambulance just for acid reflux.

I feel somewhat better now, still residual discomfort though. I think I mostly came on here to ease my anxiety, thanks for reading if you read the whole thing. It can get really scary especially living alone.

I know that it was probably the fact that I ate an entire bag of Smartfood popcorn at about 5PM (this is my addiction, I probably average 2-3 bags of it per week), then a salad and sweet potato fries (frozen store-bought, so they had canola oil and wheat/starch coating) at 7PM, and I laid down to sleep about 9:30PM. I think what helped most in the past month was not eating any later than 6:30-7PM (I try to go to bed 9:30-10PM as I get up early).

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