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How do I wean off Nexium 2x a day? What is the dosing schedule? I don't want to ask the doc because he thinks I need drugs. :mad:

Here is my story:
I had some kind of food poisoning in July and continued to vomit for a month and a half and feel food sitting in my stomach/burning in lower stomach. Doc put me on Nexium 1x a day. Took it until about November and weaned off. All was fine except throat spasms started up. I also went back to my normal diet. (I also have anxiety/panic that I've been working on for years but more aggressively now..never took meds and quit all anxiety natural supplements weeks ago). Anyway, doc put me back on Nexium and then Prevacid because it didn't help the spasms. I stopped cold turkey in January because the Prevacid was causing diarrhea and intestinal discomfort. A week later I was bloated, in tremendous pain from the gas pushing on my nerves, sore throat, couldn't talk, globus in throat, throat spasms were worse, severe congestion (which got worse in October after a cold and never went away), waking up gasping for air, choking, severe stomach and esophagus AND throat burning, sores in my upper mouth, ENT said I had a swollen throat but vocal chords were fine, Upper GI was normal except for a little diverticulum. So allergist put me on Nexium 2x a day and Dymista nasal spray. The spray allowed me to sleep *antihistamine/coriticosteroid* and I was finally sleeping after 2 weeks and missing work. The Nexium I've been on for a little over a week at 2x a day and I'm not happy on it. It causes me to feel heavy in the stomach when I take it. It's also not good for me and I want to wean off it. How do I wean off of 2 Nexium a day? If I have a weakened LES and UES is this still ok to do? I am eating bland foods, hardly any foods but just those listed as ok for alkaline foods AND histamine intolerance foods. That doesn't leave me with much but I'm on a mission to get rid of this. I'm only 32 and take Manuka honey daily, aloe vera, probiotics, calcium/magnesium citrate powder and Vitamin D3 5000 IU's. DGL did nothing for me. I stopped all anxiety supplements including 5HTP and a whole host of others I was on for years last month. Any help would be appreciated.

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