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Possible LPR
Feb 23, 2014
Hi everyone

I am a little young for chronic heartburn (or I think) so this is a little concerning. Back in November I had a cough for no reason, lots of phlegm. Went to clinic thinking cold/maybe sinus. I hate going to the doctor or clinic so it took a major event for me to go...which was keeping my wife up all night due to insane heartburn (uncommon for me).

Symptoms chilled out for a few months, but phlegm/mucus has been persistent. I am a Iraq/Afghan vet and thought maybe burn pits?

A few days ago a night of insane heartburn struck again.

So I did some research and found that maybe this is LPR since it is mucus/cough predicated on heartburn.

Question is...most seem to say LPR don't actually FEEL this accurate? So I am wondering is it GERD or LPR. I have the nighttime heartburn of GERD but the mucus/phlegm of LPR.

Any thoughts? Plan on heading to doc soon...


Night time (only) heartburn
sinus infection type omnipresent mucus
occasional cough
lots of throat clearing

Thanks to everyone!


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