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I was doing so well for the past 3 weeks. The nightly choking episodes stopped and I was finally able to swallow certain foods like tinned ravaoli, mashed egg, soup anything soft and slippery. I started getting back into starting my own business and felt really well with no depression looming over me because of it.

Then last night out of the blue I woke up choking again and when I try to drink water my throat feels like its really gripped and spasmed. I've had the feeling of something stuck in my throat again today and food has started sticking and making me cough/gag again. I haven't changed anything. Didn't eat anything out of the ordinary.

I can also feel with my fingers a flap of skin/cartilage coming up my throat at the back of my tongue. Is this my epiglottis? Because I could feel this last time the nightly choking episodes happened and when they stopped I could no longer feel it at the back of my throat. I can actually pincer it with my fingers? I've had a nose scope a few weeks ago by an ENT and he said everything looked fine.

I am scared to go to sleep now because I know the choking is going to happen and I'm back to drinking build up drinks.

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