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I will try to make it short as possible. I am a 35 yo female. 5'5 130 pounds. Born with a hiaital hernia which has never bothered me.

two years ago i started out with a bad case of bronchitis - my pcp did steroids, antibiotics, cough meds. I was sick for almost 6 months. non stop cough, breathing problems, and just over all ill. I also started having heartburn at this time and they prescribed rantidine.

I got sick a few more times the next year always the same as above. Finally my pcp said I needed to see a pulmonary dr. So I had a few apts with him they did the testing where you are in the glass both and the spirometer. I did not pass but was not too bad, we tried two meds over the course of time.

Then I started getting really sick again and I had some scary nights waking up aspirating on stomach acid. I also had times where the heart burn was so bad I would throw up. My coughing mind you has never stopped in two years. sometimes its not bad other times its so bad i cough till i pee my pants. during this time no one seemed to know what to do, finally after an ER visit he said he thought that I had aspirated acid into my lungs, a few days went by still very sick I went to the walk in and they finally took blood work the first time ever! Everything came back normal but she started treating me with strong antiboditics for walking pneumonia. My pulmonary doctor said I needed to see a GI doctor before I see him again. She also starts me on omeprazole which seem to help a little.

Okay so I find a GI center I see them and they schedule me for a barium swallow and an upper GI. Barium swallow was normal On the upper GI these are the notes that he had.

Esophagitis, Distal Esophagitis. hiatal hernia 4cm with a very lax lower esophageal sphincter. He marked GERD and HERINA under codes. and took a biopsy. He tells me to stop taking the omeprazole and wants me to take 2 40mg of pantoprazole.

I leave and then find out that my insurance will only cover 1 pantoprazole a day so they try to get authorization, I have to call them they never call me. Finally after about 4 calls they say well they want to get some drug samples of something else and it would be monday. So now its been 9 days since my upper gi and I feel worst then when i went in. No meds, no nothing. But a nurse did call Friday said my biopsy results were in and clear she said i dont need meds that nothings wrong with me. I said you can diagnose GERD with a biopsy and she said yes that made no sense.

I have had it and made an apt with another GI in the area!

But what do you think I will tell you how i feel every day and it has really ruined my life.

I wake up in the morning feeling really dizzy, nauseous, light headed and gagging. I eat toast or something and try to feel better most times that means laying in bed for 3 hours more in the morning.

I get up and all day long Im scared to eat anything, anything i eat my stomach hurts, i have a headache all day, i cough all the time, i just generally feel sick. I've stopped getting out of bed for days at a time now. I know alot of depression has set in (drs wont help, some think im crazy, i think im crazy, every day i feel sick but sure everyones sick of hearing it) this has been two years of this. I dont do my hobbies any more, i dont play with the kids, i dont do anything that makes me happy. I do suffer from anexity and have been on 200mg of zoloft for 9 years and 2mg of xanax.

help what can i do at home, i am thinking of going to get anti nauseous meds from the store, what can i do till i see the new GI

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