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4 months ago I leaned my head back to stretch my neck and felt/heard a loud pop in my throat. Instantly I had a very sore throat and hoarse voice. A couple days later I went to my doctor who referred me to a throat specialist. He diagnosed me with a torn muscle in my throat and said it could take 3 months to heal. After 3 months, the pain was gone but I still had some hoarseness and a feeling of something stuck in my throat. Both of these were constant. I went back to the same specialist and he diagnosed it as acid reflux. Aside from the 2 symptoms I mentioned, i have no other symptoms of acid reflux. I asked the Dr. why I wasn't having any of these symptoms before I felt the pop in my throat, but since then they have been constant. He just said the 2 were unrelated.

He did use a fiber optic camera to look in my throat (via my nose) and said he can see the acid reflux. It just seems like quite a coincidence that this started since the pop in my throat. I am no on medication and have changed my diet. Its only been 5 days but so far now change.

Has anyone else experienced this? It seemed like the doctor was very quick to diagnose it as acid reflux and almost completely dismissed the pop I experienced in my throat.


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