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Good luck and keep us posted on how you are doing. I myself would love to get off of the ppi I am on, but as of right now I don't feel strong enough to do it. I've been on mine for about 8 months. Did stop for 2 weeks and just took Zantac 150 but ended up caving and back on to the Protonix. I wish you well and again all the luck I can give you. :)
Day 5 Update

Had some sad news today that my 12year old cat may have a tumour which stressed me out and no doubt had an effect on my stomach.

Was starving last night and this morning, which I thought was a positive sign. Although as long as a had some breakfast (muesli and soya yoghurt) I triggered indigestion which has lasted all day. Feeling really low. Can't seem to find any success stories online which is upsetting. Need some motivation to get through this. I'm not going to give up and assign myself to ranitidine for the rest of my life. I hope this indigestion will pass.

Also been reading about 'sucrafalte' and am unclear on what this is? Is it a H2? PPI? Is it available over counter? Is it a herbal/supplement remedy ?
Advise please help x
Try to hang in there Savannah, I know it's hard and it will probably get worse before it gets better. I know that's not what you want to hear but please be aware of it. Like I wrote before I stopped my Protonix and just took zantac 150 3 times a day. The first week went fine but by the end of the second week I had acid in the back of my throat and even into my nose one night and that is what made me cave and back onto the Protonix. I should have gone one more week to see how I felt. I do have acid reflux not gastritis so I'm hoping you have easier and less side effects.
I do believe mine started do to a anti-anxiety medication I was put on. I had stomach pain not heartburn,(I know what heart burn is like because I have had that for years) this was different. After I went on the ppi I found out that the med I was put on can cause stomach pain. I wish I would have known that much sooner, but of course no doctor tells you that, they just give you the ppi and say take this! Once your one them they are very hard to get off.
Keep your chin up and know that you have the support here. I have felt the same way you do and still have very bad days of being depressed about my stomach.
Wishing you all the luck I can!! :)
Hello everyone.

Day seventeen update:

I’m sorry to announce, last night, I did the deed & took a 300mg ranitidine. I have been so miserable and living in constant fear an anxiety I just thought I’d put myself out my misery and take one. I’ve been reading too many horror stories about people developing stomach ulcers and then the ulcers exploding and people dying from septicaemia etc etc (extreme, I know).
The initial idea was to quit ranitidine so I could take a stool sample (have to be clear of ranitidine for 2 weeks prior to taking one, which I have done). Now I’d like to really concentrate on healing, with the aid of ranitidine. Please bear on mind Ranitidine (zantac) is a H2 blocker and not a PPI.

Can I please explain that I will still be fighting chronic gastritis and despite taking ranitidine, I will still be abiding by a strict diet and hopefully over-come chronic gastritis forever. As mentioned, taking ranitidine for 5 years has in no-way ‘healed’ my gastritis. I will still update you and I do hope, once I have finished this course of ranitidine to gradually cut down and hopefully be rid of it soon enough. The ‘ranitidine cold turkey’ was extreme but necessary at the time.

I will still be taking slippery elm, vital greens, DGL & aloe vera daily.

I hope people are still interested in my recovery. I don’t feel that I am ‘cheating’ as I’m taking ranitidine. I do not think ‘oh well I’m on ranitidine now I can go on a bender’ (which may have crossed my mind over the years). Now I respect my body even more and plan on eating ‘clean’ for the rest of my life.
Much love, Savannah

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