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I read that too. with LSN/PVVN your throat is like sensitive to anything.
However I read the other way around, if your vagus nerve is affected, it might relax your LES, which is a muscle at all. So I take that as a valid argument as well.

But as MountainReader suggested, and I read that on another article as well: You will need to address all the conditions first to be able to solve the nerve damage.
lprosln. I think you might not need surgery, but try to stay in calm and healthy as much as you can and give a try to other nerve drugs as well. Some people say that it's a matter of trial and error. Being anxious or stressed is a pretty common cause in reflux issues as far as I know.
Also, in your case I think the thing that triggered your LSN was your infection, just like I did. However you might have some reflux at all, but you never had heartburn so I think your reflux might not be as hard as it seems.
I still don't know if I have reflux, since my doctors said that it was enough with the barium swallow.... so... and Besitran seems to be working, althought there's still a long way to go because I still feel the tight throat/difficulty swallowing, slightly voice issues, wheezing seems to have diminished and throat clearing.

Kikytan, from what I read, people who got LPR or LSN don't seem to have problems when they sleep. I thoght about the same idea as well, when you're asleep your nerves might be asleep as well.

There's some theory I have about it too: 2 years ago I had an electroencephalogram done. All seemed normal except when they asked me to sleep. When I fell asleep they found something abnormal that they mentioned as "slow waves". They seemed quite worried and asked me if I had epilepsy.
I had the same test done at the next day and staying awake the whole day and night until the test so then I would sleep when doing the test. Same slow waves appeared again.
To tell you I never had any attack of epilepsy but recently I came to the conclusion that my nerves could have been reporting something different due the time I was asleep.

Then I had a MRI of my brain done, nothing found.
There's also an article about neuropathies (I guess more serious neuropathies). It said that neuropathic patients usually have a slow down in their delta waves (it didn't mention if asleep or awake) and usually cannot reach a deep sleep state.
I believe this at all because when this problem began I remember that I used to feel more tired on the day and I didn't get to have dreams as before (It might be stupid but I thought it could be a part of the puzzle)

Take care!!

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