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back in dec i had a qinzy and ended up in hostpital was fed very strong antib though vien 6 times a day 1 week later at home i started getting burping like trapped wind week 2 sickness this awful taste in mouth after eatting chest pain went to docs they said acid reflux put me on omeprazole 2 a day took them for a month and fab but found out i was preg and was told 1 a day so i did but the acid came back but was heart burn was awful so went back 2 a day now on 3months and have this flem feeling all day back of trout feels like i gotta bring flem up all the time and giving me a cough worse after ive ate its not painful just so enoying that its there worst at night the question is should i come off them tablets or stick at it another question what is the flem feeling is it to do with the reflux please help

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