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For the past 4 months I have had severe symptoms such as waking up choking on something lodged in my throat, throat spasms, difficulty swallowing food and it sticking in my throat, lump feeling throat, occasional heartburn, earache, waking up with a sore throat, constant burping.

I had an endoscopy yesterday and it showed nothing! Yet a nose scope a few weeks ago showed swelling at the back of my larynx due to reflux.

For the past week I have had difficulty swallowing saliva, its like when I try to swallow it feels tight and as if a big glob of mucus is getting stuck. Today I have had some difficulty breathing it feels like my throat is closing up when I breathe. What is this? I am so miserable now.

I knew they wouldn't find anything wrong and I would be left like this.

Please help. Is there any way to get some relief at all?

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