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Your entry is not too long. It is actually minimal for anybody that may want to give you a non-professional opinion--not that I think much about the professionals anymore.

I have been suffering from acid reflux for many years and my system has deteriorated little by little. Recently I discontinued Nexium, going from 80mg, to 40, to 20 over a period of about a month. All the side effects are now gone, but some of the old symptoms have returned. My conclusion, after all that I have gone through, is that diet is far more important than I ever thought before. Whether it is a hernia or a weak sphincter, I cannot say, but the result in the long run are the same.

Here are some recommendations. The pillow thing is a waste of time. You need to actually place your mattress at an angle first. The head of the bed should be almost a foot higher than the feet; more if you do not slide down. You can then prop yourself a little bit higher with pillows. Nowadays, my mattress sits atop a 4x8 think piece of plywood.

My diet is really restricted. Salmon, shrimp and sushi for meat. Apple, apple juice, a lot of apple sauce. Berries and some greens. A few other vegetables and fruits. Any website can give you a list of the good ones and bad ones. The evening before yesterday I made the mistake of eating a few sweet potato chips, and now I am suffering. I think the chips was the problems and not stopping Nexium because it came all so suddenly soon afterwards. If it had been stopping Nexium, the problems should have come earlier.

I mix Aloe Vera juice with my other juices and take other natural products like DGL, but my kidneys are starting to malfunction and it could be all these drugs and herbals. So, be careful.

In truth, none of the so-called experts seem to really know. I have read a lot about a variety of medical procedures but I am not sure any of these will solve the problem.

Don't bother with probiotics or anything like that. These could actually make you worse. So much depends in the actual environment within your stomach. And the problem, after all, is not too much acid, but that the acid is coming up your esophagus. Take your diet to the extreme, and don't worry too much if you weight doesn't come back or you lose a couple of more pounds. You need to really be able to tell the difference between this particular issue and your health in general. I have lost more than 30 pounds during the last three years and I wish I had gone into this extreme diet a long time ago. By the way, I had very healthy habits before this issue became critical.

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