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Hello and sorry for your discomfort.
Have you tried going over to Zantac.They are acid reducers, not pump prohibitors (PPI). Ask your doctor to help you start on a regimen of zantac and SLOWLY decrease.
It might take 8 weeks, but you will have an easier time with rebound or maybe none.
The doctor will tell you what dosage and when to decrease. I am on Zantac now and will be for another 6 to 8 weeks. I will slowly decrease and as I am doing that I will take the digestive enzymes toward the end of the eight weeks. In the meantime the zantac bothers me after I eat, but I am drinking aloe juice (have a plant in my yard) peel it and boil gently. Let cool and drink it. Really soothes my throat. Also drink lots of ginger tea, licorice root tea (hate the taste) and camomille tea. Red delicious apples (least acidic) and papaya also are great for reflux. Take probiotics, and benefiber daily. Zantac does constipate. I carry Chinese ginger chews with me everywhere. Can be bought a an Asian market. They are my life saviours. After you have successfully come off the acid reducers (and you will) you will be making wise choices about how you eat and live from then on. This is the second time I will be going through this but I know what to do and hopefully I won't need antibiotics again for a while.

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