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Does anybody else have chest pain that really never goes away? I have GERD and am taking Omeprazole. I just doubled the dose to 40mg everyday so we will see if this helps. But for my story...I have had chest pains for the last couple of days that really hasn't gone away. It is not real bad pain but it is there. I also have a cough along with it. Sometimes when I cough I get a pain in my chest (left side). I have had all the tests done x-ray, heart cath, barrium swallow, ultrasound. The only test left is the dreaded scope. I am thinking of requesting it to see how bad this GERD really is. I have read so many posts on GERD and know that it can be real Hell to live with. I also started having stomach pains and side pains as well. Has anyone else had these pains with GERD?
Yes sometimes. As a matter of fact I am having chest as I type this. It has wrapped to my back as well. This has been a bad morning already and I have only been awake for 2 hours. I hope this goes away soon. I do have a question for as well. I have developed a nasty cough and sometimes when I cough I get a quick sharp pain in my chest on my left side. Has this happened to you?

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