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Hi all,

Glad to find this board! Its helped me make a few decisions.

Been under a lot of stress, most I wouldnt admit to, and still dont feel it was affecting me negatively. End of March I got laid off at work. A week later I had a medical problem and wasnt sure what was happening. Ill try to explain it the best I can and not make a book out of it.

For a couple weeks before I was laid off, I was extremely bloated. I never eat right, mainly fast food because I dont cook. Years before I was diagnosed with IBS, which I never believed I had. But always flirted with constipation. At this point, I knew I was constipated. I took milk of magnesia to help, which it did some. I then tried ACV, taking a couple spoonfuls straight and chasing it with iced tea.

The night of my medical issue, I had taken ACV hours earlier. I was still extremely bloated. I couldnt button my jeans. All of a sudden I had what felt like stomach pain, chest pain, and "electrical shock" in my throat. It really scared me so I went to the ER. I had previously made and appointment for my family doc but it wasnt for another day. At the ER, they said I was constipated and suffering from GERD. But they did no tests, and sent me home.

The next morning I was so nervous and was getting these shock type feelings across my chest and some acid in my throat. SO off to a different hospital ER I went. They immediately did an EKG, and CAT scan. They also gave me a drink that made me pass stool. A couple hours later, they said everything is normal and its just GERD. They were going to prescribe me a PPI but since I had my doc appointment that afternoon they left it in his hands.

The family doc said the same. Gerd. He proscribed me Omeprazole and sent me on my way. After taking the Omeprazole for a couple days, I had another bout of "shocks" through my chest and stomach. Back to the ER again. EKG's normal. A week into taking the PPI, I started getting more anxiety, my eyes started getting blurry, and my blood pressure was really high. I stopped taking the Omeprazole and went back to my doc. The night before my doc 2 days later, I had acid rebound like you wouldnt believe! I never had acid like that before!

Doc put me on Protonix. During the next 2 weeks I went back to the ER 2 more times. I had an Echo. Then stayed overnight for a stress echo. Was tested for lyme and lupus. All sorts. EVERY test has come back normal!

Until I got the results of my stress echo, I thought I was going to die from a heart attack. My anxiety was through the roof! AT one point my blood pressure was 136/118 79bpm. I called the doc and he said take it again(which was 10 min later), and it came back 122/80 70 bpm. Doc said no worries, you just had an anxiety attack. Again, i thought I was dying. But have since put that out of my head.

Doc then prescribes Ativan for anxiety, and Celexa for long term use for anxiety. Then I found this forum, and others.

Im not sure what the actual cause of my first episode was. I think I was that constipated that the stomach had no choice but to back up and the ACV burned my throat and esophagus. I have NEVER experienced anxiety or chest pains, blurry vision, and very rarely acid reflux before taking that first round of Omeprazole. I think this Protonix has increased the anxiety feelings, brought on the blurry vision, constant back and chest pain.

2 days ago I took my last Protonix. Yesterday I took a Zantac 150 in the morning, and the dizziness and blurry vision was still there part of the day. Today no acid pills of any kind and my vision is returning to normal. I was still nervous this morning but hadnt eaten yet at lunch. I had a hotdog and things are feeling a little better.

I am convinced the PPI's are the cause of blurry vision, high blood pressure, dizziness, and anxiety. Im sure I had some anxiety I wasnt aware of, but nothing even close to what I experienced the last almost 2 months. I am sure I had some heart burn/reflux due to extreme constipation, but nothing that needed an acid controller. I am GLAD and thank the Lord I was laid off, because there is no way I could have worked. I could barely get off the couch. I just hope the effects of the PPI's dont last long and I can get back to normal soon. The last couple days, I have been able to take garbage out and do some things normally. I am still weak and feel anxious about doing some things, very hard to clean and not get totally exhausted, but hopefully that will soon pass as well.

Alright, thats what I been through the last almost month and a half now. Thoughts? And thank you folks on this forum. I would never have thought PPI's might be the cause of some of these symptoms. ANd maybe they arent totally it, but it sure seems like it. Thanks.
trader you must not eat hotdogs and pickles until you are completely better! I know you want to and on 'good days' it might seem like it doesn't matter and you can slack a bit, but I promise it will hold you back; if you are very disciplined you will get better quicker and will then be able to eat what you want. Your stomach has been through the mill. Whether you are someone who has rebound or not, your stomach will be producing more acid due to the fact you have stopped taking PPIs. Because of that you need to be careful not to have anything that will trigger excess acid at the best of times, let alone when you have the potential to produce hyper amounts of acid. Everything that goes into your mouth goes into your stomach and will either help to heal or irritate. Please be kind to yourself. You may think a hot dog is what you need, but it really isn't!

I feel differently about your gym story, I don't think you should be attemtping strenuous excercise at the moment. Most gym work is not good for acid reflux and my opinion would be that you wait until you are feeling better, mentally and physically. Though only you know best, and obviously if you feel it is what you want then go ahead. But remember the medication has affected every system of your body, including the muscular skeletal symptom? did you have any muscle pains, or bone pain?

By the way what dose of protonix were you taking? And are you taking any other medications at all (anything, for anxiety?)
Hi trader, sounds like you have got on the merry-go-round of medication-anxiety-acid-anger-anxiety-meds-dizzy etc etc.

It is important when considering what to take for one symptom, the effect it may have on another symptoms, otherwise you will be forever chasing your tail.

Bare these things in mind:

Reflux can cause anxiety

Equally, anxiety can cause reflux

But neither can cause rebound, only the drugs do that.

Medications for reflux can also cause anxiety. In my experience, worse anxiety than the actual condition itself. A weird type of anxiety that you would not have experienced before, like you are just not yourself.

And, medications for anxiety can, you guessed it, cause reflux.

Also remember all these medications you mention cause dizziness. You can get used to the meds and the dizziness can subside when you are accustomed to it, but if you change your dose, or your meds that will cause dizziness. It is the change in chemical that is the problem. So, if you do take something, do so with the knowledge it can cause dizziness.

[B]I take it PPI's get out of your system pretty quick? How long til the body returns to normal? [/B]

PPIs leave your body within 24 hours, (it may be a lot less than that), however the effect and the changes they have caused within in your body last a lot longer and are the cause of rebound. It can take weeks or months for the body to get back to normal long after the actual chemical is out of the system.

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