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I had an endoscopy last week and the doctor said everything looked normal. He even wrote "no worries" on the findings sheet. He took some biopsies and said if anything is positive he would call. I had an h pylori infection in April but took a breath test and tested negative, so that was eradicated.

Since having h pylori I have struggled with heartburn and acid reflux - feeling like something is stuck in my throat, pain behind my left breast bone, acid shooting up, ear pain, throat pain, hoarseness of breath, chest tightening and feeling like something is stabbing me. Everything I eat hurts. The pain lasts 24 hours a day, no relief.

I was on omperazole, 20 mg, and had some weeks where I was feeling better. Thought I was cured. Then a few weeks later, intense pain starts up again for days. I had to go off the PPI for the endoscopy and was in a lot of pain but eventually it went away. About a week before and the day of my endoscopy, I felt totally fine, thought heartburn and acid reflux was gone forever.

This past weekend I had a dinner with a lot of triggering food that I think may have aggravated my throat again. I started taking tecta (pantaprozle) 40 mg two days ago but it hasn't worked yet at all. I have a constant stabbing pain in my chest at every moment of every day.

When willl this go away? What should I do from here?

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