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I can't do this, and I don't know how anyone else does. I spent a single day eating bad foods on my birthday just a month ago. Ever since I've had so many problems that I'm beginning to think I'm a hopeless case. Between cures making me worse and symptoms dying down on test days, how am I supposed to carry on living with my quality of life down the drain?

My symptoms begin as soon as I wake and stand up. They occur regardless of where I am or what I do. They're:

- Thick mucus and saliva in throat making it impossible to take full deep breaths
- Food getting stuck
- Extremely tight throat and tense tongue
- Excessive swallowing
- Ear pain
- Dizziness
- Occasional burning feeling in throat
- Gas gurgling up throat, not normal burps
- Utter depression


- The symptoms fade if I don't swallow, and while I lie down in the morning.
- Sometimes Alkaline Water/Gaviscon Advance (etc) helps, often it makes things worse.
- If I have a super-tight throat/extra swallowing, I don't get short of breath on mucus and vice versa.
- Swallowing anything thick, including saliva and G.Advance will make me short of breath again within 3 seconds.
- When short of breath, I gasp for air, get palpitations and arm pain occurs. My ears also hurt when I swallow the mucus.

Tests taken with clear results:

- Endoscopy
- Barium
- Peptest rapid spit test (23 samples)
- ENT check
- Restech pH probe (inconclusive)
- Manometry (awaiting)

Treatments tried:

- 5 different PPIs/H2 Blockers including the strongest dosage possible of Nexium.
- 3 different antidepressants
- Vitamin d3 at 10,000 IU a day (a total hoax this one)
- 3 different diets
- Daily alkaline water (ph 8.2 - 9.5) with all meals
- Gaviscon Advance 2 - 5 times daily.

There may be things I've forgotten to add here, that's how much I've been trying for the last 2 years.

I. CAN'T. TAKE. ANYMORE. If the Manometry fails to find anything, or if it does and surgery fails me, I plan to travel abroad for euthanasia. This pain is unbearable, and the thought of it worsening as I age (I'm 23) petrifies me as I'm already a hypochondriac. It's on my mind 24/7, it's taken jobs and relationships from me, it's incurable. I wouldn't wish it on the worst person alive. I want itto be stress - that way it is curable - but I know deep down it never will be, especially when it worsens with bad foods

PLEASE HELP ME. The tests say it's not reflux, but what else could it possibly be. I want to eat, drink and exercise like everyone else. I'm too young to suffer like this day in day out.

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