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I was diagnosed with GERD /GORD, in February, although I have been suffering symptoms since October 2013. I am having a very hard time believing my symptoms are GERD not something sinister or heart related. I suffer with severe health anxiety and have trust issues with doctors, which doesn't help. Mostly I am terrified of the symptoms and finding it all very overwhelming. I feel like GERD rules my life. On the few days in the last four months with minimal symptoms I am so happy, but most days it is so distressing. On waking I am fine, then even a glass of water will set it off, burning. On bad days the pain in my back is awful. By lunchtime the pain is horrible, then it reduces in late evening. I sleep fine, but have nightmares, I also have tinnitus. The jaw pain is scaring me silly. I think about my symptoms constantly. I can't relax or enjoy myself any more.

My symptoms are

RIB PAIN (right)
- Feels like something is stuck under it, sometimes it feels full, sometimes it just hurts, sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes in my back and side. Sometimes it feels sore. Worse lying down.

BACK PAIN , between shoulder blades mostly on right side of spine. (boring pain, hard to get rid of) Better lying down or with heat bag. Gaviscon really helps this.

BURNING IN LOWER CHEST/UPPER STOMACH. Feels like a flooding battery acid sensation, a sensation of sudden actual heat in my middle and chest. Uncomfortable rather than out and out painful.

BURPING (excessively)

IRON TASTE in mouth. Thicker saliva.


PRESSURE IN THROAT, like a burp stuck there. Sometimes there is, massage throat and I burp.

NECK MUSCLE PAIN & tightening painful on left side

NEEDING TO COUGH , almost like I have phlegm on my chest and need to cough, like how a chest infection feels... but nothing comes up. Chest pressure, like mucus.

SORE THROAT , stings when I eat vinegar/drink wine.


Sudden weird YAWNING bouts late evening along with restless legs often.

SLEEPINESS in the evening. Falling asleep on sofa after eating dinner.

HEART RATE DECREASE (from resting 68-90 bpm to resting 49 - 58bpm. Increases on exercise, GP not concerned as oxygen sats 98-99% said it could be decreasing because I'm getting fitter, giving up smoking & losing 3 stone) still worries me though. The heart rate decrease started at the same time as GERD (Oct 13 not after exercise began Dec 13)

'SKIPPED' HEART BEATS (mostly after exercise)

RECENTLY, scarily, JAW PAIN (under left side lower jaw)

Tests I have had so far, ultrasounds, xray, bloodtests x 2 - fine, stool sample-fine, helicobacter pylori negative, gallstones negative, referred to gastroenterology for Endoscopy but couldn't go through with it, consultant diagnosed me based on my symptoms with GERD "probably with a small hiatus hernia"

I take Domperidone before I eat and Gaviscon Advance after. It helps, particularly the gaviscon. Was prescribed Ranitidine (made my muscles ache!) and Omeprazole (made me anxious) Wish there was a PPI with less side effects. :(

I have cut down on fatty foods, drastically cut down alcohol (didn't drink anything alcoholic at all for first 3 months) I lost 3 stone in weight over 6 months, 5 mile walks daily, and raised the head of the bed. I take supplements of acidophilus and aloe Vera juice (yak)

When I am having a bad bout, I get yellow/tan poo (sorry TMI) with partially digested food. :(

I also get IBS. Acidophilus really helps that.

Can anyone relate? Or help me? I feel so alone and it is really upsetting. X


doctor wants me to have an Endoscopy and a chest xray. Has prescribed lansoprazole. I am scared stiff. Please help me?

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