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Jul 3, 2014
I was just curious if it could take longer than 5 days for lansoprazole to work full strength. I started taking it just about a week ago and it has helped some but I am thinking it could take longer. I was originally on 40mg of pantoprazole and it lost its effectiveness after working extremely well for about 9 months. Late in May I got it refilled at my pharmacy and they did not have the Teva manufacturer in so they gave me something else (Dr. Reddy's). That medicine was not affective as the first day I took i starting getting left arm pain and I ended up going to the ER the first Sun. in June because I had heart palpitations. After being there about 7 hours and hooked up to a heart monitor for about 6 of them and them doing an EKG and chest XRAY they couldn't find anything wrong and let me go and suggested that I follow up with a cardiologist. I saw him the Thursday that week and he told me that it wasn't heart related and said that if I wanted I could wear a holter monitor for 24 hours so they gave me the holter monitor to wear and I wore it for about 5 hours and they didn't find anything wrong. On that Friday I was able to pickup a refill of the Teva pantoprazole at the pharmacy because they were able to get it back in. I started taking it that day and it did not have the same effectiveness as it did before. I took it from 6/13 till 6/24 and while on it starting on the 22nd I started to get these intense right side chest pains (some would probably describe them as stabbing pains) that would come and go throughout the day but were extremely bothersome. I went back to the ER on the night of Tue. the 24th and told them about these and they did an EKG and a chest XRAY and couldn't find anything. I told the ER doc that I thought my GERD medication was just not strong enough. He then wrote me a prescription for 30mg of lansoprazole and I started taking it the next day. I saw my MD this past Monday because he had been out of the office for 2 weeks and he wants me to wait to see if this medication will work to do anything else. But he said it could take up to 5 days. I will add that the strong right side chest pain that I was having is almost nonexistent over the last couple of days but i can feel it coming on and it just doesn't happen or when it does it is much more tolerable.

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