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Years of GERD...
Jul 6, 2014
After visiting this board for many, many times (usually in the middle of the night!) I felt the need to post a true success story in the sincere hope it will help someone else. For years (appox. 6) I have suffered from GERD. In those six years I have taken an assortment of antacids or PPI's... daily. I have taken every type of over the counter drug including the 'beginner' antacids such as TUMS, Gaviscon and Maalox up to the High Fliers like Pepcid AC, Zantac, and Prilosec...then finally the Big Guns like Protonix and large doses of Prescription Zantac.
Nothing really helped. I finally cried "Uncle" and requested an endoscope which determined I had a 3cm hiatial hernia...Ah, an explanation, but did that help? No. My acid reflux continued to awaken me up to 4 times per night. I would proceed to consume more drugs just so that I could sleep and function at my demanding job as a kindergarten teacher. After consecutive nights in a row with little to no sleep, I found my entire life revolved around this terrible, terrible thing. "I'll just stop eating!" I'd say to myself. Or "If I go to bed at 8pm, at least I'll have a chance to get SOME sleep." Did I mention I had to sleep on one of those wedges...and had to prop that up even higher to a sitting position just to get 'some' sleep?
Anyway, many of you have been thru this and I know this is familiar to you...but now I'd like to share what helped me to alleviate this problem: DIET and COMPLETELY weaning myself off all the medications slowly.
Over the six years, I have discovered the following items are a trigger for me and I never eat them: All citrus juices (grapefruit and orange juice!) including lemonade and bottled fizzy sodas, no canned tomatoes or tomato products such as spaghetti sauce, etc. (Though I can eat fresh tomatoes in sandwiches in a limited amount). I also limit tea and coffee. Just with these small diet changes, it has made a world of difference. (I know this may sound like a boring way to live, but it has worked for me and as long as I can have some chocolate every once in a while...I'm happy.)
Secondly, I never eat ANYTHING past 6pm at night...EVER! I tend to have a fairly large breakfast, then a snack later, a good sized lunch,then a snack later, and then a very small dinner at night that many consist of a chicken thigh, brown rice, and a small salad. I eat many 'small meals per day and my 'snacks are healthy ones such as fruit, dates, trail mix, crackers, cheese, etc. I also tend to go on a 'digestive walk' after dinner suggested by an Austrian friend or engage in light activity where I am upright...not lying down. In other words, I don't plop on the couch right after dinner liked I used to.
Though it has been an adjustment to both myself and my family, I have worked hard to stick to this plan and it has really, really helped me! I no longer depend on ANY form of antacids (Not even TUMS!). I feel like I'm 25 again (I'm over 50!) and I now sleep soundly for the first time in as long as I can remember.
I hope this was of some help to a fellow sufferer out there! Please consider trying can't hurt!

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