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Hi everyone, Ive been a keen reader of GERD and Nissen topics for a while and have always found everyones encouragement, advice and stories both heart warming and very informative.

I am Male and have just turned 28 years old from the UK.
Id like to start f by just sharing a little info about myself, ill try to keep it short as not to waffle ( * ^ _ ^ * )

Ive never suffered with heartburn or reflux, until about 2 years ago after I received a big dose of morphine for pain in an unrelated incident. I had a bad reaction to the morphine and was wrenching for hours, although my stomach was empty, it was mainly clear stomach secretions that were being passed.

Almost a day later, i instantly noticed after I ate food, or had liquids, I experienced a winded sensation and also the feeling of liquid coming up. when visiting the doctor I was prescribed lansoprasol (please excuse misspelling) which did provide me with some relief, But the liquid and food continued to come back up, even a teaspoon of water or a sip of fluid.

eventually i was referred to a GI doctor where i had all the usual tests, momentary, endoscopy, and PH study.

Although nothing was found, no hiatus hernia or Barrets, or any other mechanical abnormalities, the regurgitation and reflux would not stop, ive never really had heart burn, But the back flow into my throat was causing breathing problems, and also damage to my vocal chords.

because of reduction in diet, I lost about 3 stones in weight or 43 pounds. because cucumber and water was all i could tolerate. Slowly I discovered that dry all bran flakes, without milk was something else I could eat and slowly put some weight back on.

Eventually my GI doctor agreed we had exhausted all of our options and surgery seemed the only way forward.

I was sent to a surgeon who was highly recommended and a specialist in this particular operation.

I went in for the Operation on this Wednesday and thought I would share about my experiences so far and also about my concerns :(

one of the first things my surgeon said to me was not to streign my muscles or push hard on the toilet, as it could cause the wrap to herniate which worried me very much.

Day 1 = I woke from the operation in lots of pain, but no reflux. I was in hospital for 3 days and was given only water and pain medication to ingest.

My body would go into spasm, accompanied by heavy bouts of wind that made my abdominal muscles tense,/which caused even more pain. There was also a moment where I got stuck in a painful position when lowering myself into a bed. and cried out loud, im sure the whole hospital heard me I was so loud haha.

These last 3 days have been very tough, the pain is still strong, and am now on a health milk shake diet provided by the hospital. Swallowing is very difficult as expected, and feel like constantly burping and hiccups which are also painful.

But the thing that really concerns me the most is that since the operation, I have been experiencing more severe heart burn and acid reflux than before. Not the food coming up, But the feeling of heart burn and hot/burning sensations in the chest and throat.

Im terrified that I have damaged the wrap during my first few nights in hospital due to the straining and wrenching my abdominal muscles went through and spasms. I tried to stop but the pain was too much.

I asked a few of the aftercare doctors about this and said it was very unlikely the wrap has been damaged by this, But Im not so sure, as ive never had reflux like this, and the wrap should be tight at this moment in time.

I wanted to kindly ask if anyone else knows this is normal? or to be expected? I can feel the wrap isnt as tight as 2 days ago. its easy to drink liquids, except the burping reflexes, it all feels very slack down there.

I apologise if this is a little on the long side.

Oh and I forgot to add something, Ive been experiencing a very bitter taste in my mouth since the operation especially in the morning, but also after meals in the day time, when I breath in its as though the inside of mouth and tongue are coated in a kind of "dry mouth/bitter coating" and also the feeling of pressure or spasm as though about to burp, but nothing comes, but the sensations stays as though on a knife edge, and the only way to cancel this out is to try and swallow, which is near impossible during this wretch type spasm. m still bringing up fluid during belches. I thought this wouldn't be possible if the wrap was tight.

Im sorry if I seem a little mixed up :( I'm just very anxious as Im desperate for the operation to be successful. and Im really worried that I have caused the damaged that has caused the failure.
As I didn't experience any of this acid or burning, until I had the night of wrenching my stomach. and as the three days have gone on has gotten worse. Whether that is because I have transitioned from water to milk, i dont know. I feel so hopeless at the moment.

My wife lives in Japan and i cant be with her until the operation has been a success. after 2 years of waiting for the procedure all I can do is blame myself.

I hear that people dont experience any reflux or acid after their operation, But all ive experienced is Acid like a bitter/menthol burning in my chest and throat/tongue and belching type spasms. I never had this before the operation i dont even experience gas at the moment, which seems to be a common complaint for successful operations. Ive also experienced uncontrollable nausea and tachicardia since the operation. > _ < what have I done

Any advice would be helpful.

Im sorry again for my panic, I just feel so messed up and scared what this could mean > _ <

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