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[QUOTE=solofelix;5312162]Hi Trader,

Thanks for the reply. I was surprised you mentioned Oil of Oregano as in your first post it sounded as if you had tried alternative meds but found they either didn't help or took too long.
I take probiotics daily. I have now left of Manuka-Honey and AVJ and am just taking the Nexium but may down dose to 20mgx1 per day.
I don't intend taking it too long as I have seen what it did to my friends husband, he cannot leave it of after 3 years or he is really ill.
I am waiting on a blood test result for Celiac but I don't think I have that.
What medication are you taking at present and is it helping. Do you have Gerd or Gastritis or both,


I have caustic burns from ACV taken in March. I was diagnosed with GERD, but after relating my previous use of ACV straight, all the docs come to the same conclusion, caustic burns/stomach and esophagus irritation. I have IBS also. I am taking Nexium, which is OTC here now 22.6 mg per dose. I take 2 in the morning. The stomach irritation stimulates the vagus nerve which kicks my heart rate up. Which causes panic attacks. I have been on Celexa, but since last night I quit taking it. Celexa makes me extremely lethargic. The docs prescribed it not for anxiety, but to calm the vagus nerve. I was originally prescribed Celexa and Ativan as needed until the Celexa kicked in. The Ativan makes me sleepy also. We have since switched to Xanax which is a Godsend for me. It calms the vagus nerve within 10 minutes.

I keep getting different answers for how long it will take my stomach and esophagus to heal. Most range from 6 months to a year. Prevacid had originally given me a lot of relief, but quit working. Nexium originally gave me diarrhea. But that has since went away and Nexium is working great. Dont get me wrong, it doesnt eliminate the pain, I have a constant dull ache. And at times, it turns to true unbearable pain, which, again, irritates the vagus nerve and kicks the heart into high gear. Its taken me since April when the pain started to get it all figured out. 7 trips to the ER, numerous docs, and numerous tests to rule out heart issues. I have had anxiety from day one, looking back, thinking it could be a heart issue and I would die. That, and coming on here and other forums, reading about everyones fear of PPI's had me shying away from doctors recommendations and turning to natural healing, which was the worst, for me. I would be so much further ahead had I listened to not only the docs, but my own body.

The Oil of Oregano was used when I had "Gastritis". As I said, decreased intestinal motility can cause a lot of problems, many which create symptoms that can be construed as GERD, Gastritis, and even Ulcer like symptoms. Decreased motility can wreak havoc by fungus and bacterias. Oil of Oregano can help eliminate these issues, but is by no means a cure. If someone used oregano, and sees relief, it sheds a whole new light on which direction to look for a cure.

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