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[b]Most of the beginning is my history. Feel free to scroll down below to get to the good parts which I bolded![/b]

Whew! It's been a long journey to get here as for over 10 years I've had the throat burning, pnd, recurring sore throats, ear aches, coughing (mostly after meals), and throat clearing, without knowing why.

It wasn't until this year that I finally realized I have LPR. Despite the fact that I got treated for Acid reflux in high school (when this all started), I could have never suspected that LPR was the issue because for starters I had never heard of it and like most of you I rarely ever had heartburn.

For all these years, I had another embarrassing health issue (bad breath) which I had spent all of my time focusing on, paying little attention to all of my other symptoms. Though I always knew and suspected that the recurring sore throats & ear aches was related. But I just never understood how.

Over the years, I finally came to a point where I got the BB under control. Oddly enough, during this period ( a few months), it was the first time I went a very long period (months) without the sore throats/ ear aches and other symptoms above.

I didn't understand the role acid play in my symptoms. I just knew eating junk food/fast foods brought about the throat burning/sore throat, and eventually ear ache if I continued the bad diet. Initially I thought it was artificial sweeteners cause I ate a lot of no sugar/low sugar diet items.

My breakthrough came when I decided to try out powdered vitamin C by pouring some in water and drinking it. And it BURNED LIKE HECK! I looked at the ingredients and the only thing I saw was Citric ACID. I started researching like crazy and finally made the link between my recurring symptoms and LPR.

Luckily for me, I made a post on another message board years ago when the BB and other symptoms disappeared. And low and behold, I was on a "low candida diet and no meat diet".

All I ate during this period (for about 2 weeks before I started getting relief) was [b]"Oatmeal, Apples, Banana, White Rice, Plantains, Yam, Grapes, Flaxseed, Spinach, Organic Gluten Free Pancakes & Waffles, and Water).[/b] It was very strict. No soda. No junk food. Just the above.

So why did this diet work? Because it was LOW ACID! What else was I doing during this time? I was also taking digestive enzymes!! Which helps to keep acid reflux under control (moves food out of your stomach quicker thus decreasing pressure on LES, and thus reducing the amount of food/acid that can come up to your throat during reflux.)

I was also doing other things like taking vitamins, probiotics, drinking Pau D'Arco tea, and flax seed for fiber/constipation. But in all honesty and based on months of extensive research, I think the low acid diet and digestive enzymes were the two main factors that helped me. I've also tried a lot of these other supplements over the years without the diet to no avail.

Once I got better, and was doing well for months, I started to binge on junk foods again, and everything went back to being bad. I've struggled since this period to get back on track because I never knew the reason I got better was because of the low acid factor.

[B][U][SIZE="3"]So what helped my LPR and symptoms years ago? -[/SIZE][/U][/B]

1) Very low acid and very low fat diet. (No caffeine, no soda, no spicy foods)
2) Digestive Enzymes.

Fast forward to now. Once I discovered I had LPR this year, I tried to get better by doing all the reflux tips (elevating my bed, a slightly better diet, alkaline water, not laying down after eating, & more).

These things helped a teeny bit but the throat was still burning as well as the other symptoms.

A month ago, I decided to finally give PPIs a try (like others, I also hate having to use medication). I did two weeks 2x a day like Dr. Jamie Koufman advised with no change to diet. Once again, things barely got better.

Then last week I decided to do more research and basically realized PPIs aren't working because of my diet.

[SIZE="3"][b]Why PPIs aren't working for most of us[/b] -[/SIZE]

PPIs won't work because our symptoms are triggered by acid coming up, AND acid going down. I feel like the experts aren't making this clear enough.

LPR causes Acid and Pepsin to come up to our throats, and both cause damage. However eliminating acid coming up DOESN'T FIX THE PROBLEM. Why? Because Pepsin is activated by acid of any kind (including acid from our diets) so every time we put acid down our throats, it activates the Pepsin, throat burning, and keeps the party going for the LPR symptoms.

[b]Basically using PPIs and not changing your diet is a total waste of time. The acid going down is still doing damage.[/b] The good news is that once the throat heals, you will be able to handle more acid in your diet.

I wanted to rush here and post this but ofcourse I wanted to try things out first to make sure my theory was right.

[U][B][SIZE="3"][b]How I'm controlling my LPR symptoms today -[/b][/SIZE][/B][/U]

1) Very low acid diet and no fat diet (includes any foods with "acid" as an ingredient)
2) PPIs twice a day.
3) Digestive enzymes (occasionally if the meal is not small).
4) No spicy foods, no soda, no caffeine, and nothing with mint (changed toothpastes as well) as I noticed it triggered the throat burning when I started to improve.

[b]I've been doing the above for 4 days only, and low and behold, my throat has healed remarkably. Over 70% better in just 4 freaking days! The coughing after meals, pnd, and hoarseness has also showed major improvement in just 4 days. [/b]

I have reduced my dosage of PPIs and plan to get off them completely within the next week or so. Based on my history, I know a good diet and digestive enzymes can keep things under control. Also based on my history, I know that once my throat is fully healed, I will be able to add more things to my diet and continue to feel fine as long as I don't go crazy.

I hope this can be of good help to others :)

ETA: Water - try to sip a little throughout the day rather than gulping it down which I used to do. (Drinking large amounts at a time can make things worse by putting pressure on the LES thus causing more reflux).

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